Our Story

Our Story - In the words of our Founder
On 22nd February 2016, in Yelahanka Bangalore, a small shih tzu puppy was born. Little did he know that one day he would end up inspiring the birth of a home decor brand. His big brown eyes and never-ending antics were compelling enough for me to figure out a way to be around him at all times. Wincing each time I cleaned up after him, I jokingly started calling him a mistake, though a tiny one.
This is how A Tiny Mistake was conceptualised. 
Pint Tandon
Probably not the most professional story, but this little one has been one of the biggest motivators throughout my journey. 
It was definitely a happy accident that A Tiny Mistake is attuned to the fact that all our products are handcrafted and therefore no two pieces are the same. This makes each of them unique and adds a certain character to them unlike the factory made products that are exact replicas of each other. Thus, our name A Tiny Mistake does justice to these unique differences in each of our products. 

A Tiny Mistake was founded with the ideology of promoting handmade Indian products in domestic and international markets. We promote handmade products to generate employment in the Indian youth and make a small attempt to promote indian art forms. Awareness about these art forms is what will eventually play a big role in preserving them. We strive to reflect the talent of these diverse artisans from across the country, through our products.
#vocalforlocal and #makeinindia are what we stand for. With prevailing circumstances, it’s getting more and more important to rely on locally sourced and locally made products to meet our requirements. 
We don’t believe in making something that’s just pretty. Utility is a very big factor that drives us. One look at our organisers will showcase this fact. We also draw inspiration from experimenting with earthy materials like ceramics, wood and stone. 
In today’s era of sustainability, we believe in making products that last and are environment friendly. We try and minimise the use of plastics at every step. 

Our Founder
Akanksha Tandon
Akanksha, our founder is a lawyer by profession. After practicing law for a couple of years she went on to do her MBA from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Post that she was working in a travel stay startup in Bangalore where she conceptualised A Tiny Mistake. 
Born in a family of doctors she grew up among people who had a social bent of mind which made her sensitive to the needs of others around her. Her grandfather, Prof. B.N. Tandon, was the former dean of AIIMS and a Padma Bhushan Awardee for exemplary thought behind ICDS ( Integrated Child Development Scheme) Campaign which was a part of Anganwari, as we see today. 
Through A Tiny Mistake, Akanksha is trying to showcase local Indian crafts and artisans and create a truly Indian luxury home decor brand.

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