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A Tiny Mistake All Purpose Five Tier Stand (One Piece) (For Planters, Ornaments and Accessories) (Natural Pine Wood Stand with Dark Planks)

A Tiny Mistake All Purpose Five Tier Stand (One Piece) (For Planters, Ornaments and Accessories) (Natural Pine Wood Stand with Dark Planks)

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MADE IN INDIA: Doesn't everyone simply love things that you can use for different purposes. These stands can be used as a bookshelf, for planters or even for ornaments or decorative curioes. Multiple colours and sizes available. Don't forget to check out our range. Our team of artisans handcraft these products with a lot of love in our workshop. We design and manufacture our product range in India.

INCLUSIONS: 1 Decorative Stand, Accessories kept in the picture are for display purposes only.

Approximate Size: Plank Size - 15 x 15 cm, Top 20 cm, Bottom and Width, 33 x 17 cm, Height 92 cm.

DISCLAIMER: Since our products are handcrafted there will be minor variations in sizes, colours, patters compared to the image shown. Colours may vary slightly depending on your computer or mobile screen. The Wooden Planks will warp slightly from their edges. That is not a defect or an issue with the product. In case you'd prefer a stand without the warping edges please go ahead with the ones that have white plank as they will be completely straight.

MATERIAL CARE: You can clean the double decker decorative stand by wiping it with a wet cloth. Please do not wash with soap or immerse in water.


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