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ATM Evil Eye Bracelet, Flat Light Blue Evil Eye with Black Beads for Good Luck and Prosperity, Nazariya, Nazar Battu , Flexi Cord (1 Piece) (Light Blue Evil Eye - Solitude, Protection and Peace)

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  • Light Blue Evil Eye - Solitude, Protection and Peace
  • Evil Eye Charms have been used since ancient times to ward off evil. It’s said to ward off evil looks or nazar and protect the person wearing it.
  • People in India wear the evil eye as a nazariya to ward off buri nazar and use it as a nazar battu.
  • Evil Eye is believed to bring in good luck and keep away negativity and malevolent glare. It's said to attract positive energies and good health and fortune.
  • These evil eye bracelets are made using glass beads. These bracelets are made using a stretchable elastic strap so that it’s not uncomfortable around your wrist. The flexi cord allows these bracelets to be of free size. If you want them to be larger or smaller please do message us as soon as you place the order.
  • You should ideally wash the evil eye bracelet with rock salt before you adorn it.
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